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Image Dimension Guide

Each product has different dimensions and width-height ratio. If you're using Quick Create feature to create multiple products at once, we recommend you to use 3200px X 4500px.

Phone Cases Quick Create: 1250px x 2100px
Phone Case Size
iPhone 7 Clear Case 780px x 1620px
iPhone 7 Plus Clear Case 910px x 1860px
iPhone 6/6s Clear Case 780px x 1620px
iPhone 6/6s Snap / Luxx Case 1060px x 1720px
iPhone 6/6s Inlay Case 750px x 1580px
iPhone 6/6s Plus Clear Case 910px x 1860px
iPhone 6/6s Plus Snap / Luxx Case 1220px x 1990px
iPhone 6/6s Plus Inlay Case 840px x 1790px
iPhone 5/5s Clear Case 750px x 1510px
iPhone 5/5s Snap Case 1000px x 1670px
iPhone 5/5s Inlay Case 710px x 1480px
Samsung Galaxy S6 Snap Case 1100px x 1850px
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Snap Case 990px x 1920px
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Inlay Case 770px x 1600px
Samsung Galaxy S5 Snap Case 1130px x 1850px
Samsung Galaxy S5 Inlay Case 730px x 1550px
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Snap Case 1230px x 1970px
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Inlay Case 830px x 1710px
Tablet Cases Quick Create: 2190px x 3020px
Tablet Case Size
iPad Air 2 Snap Case 2190px x 3020px
iPad Mini 2/3 Snap Case 1870px x 2600px
T-Shirts Quick Create: 3200px x 4500px
Men Classic T-Shirt 3200px x 4500px
Women Classic T-Shirt 2720px x 3850px
Baby & Kids T-Shirts Quick Create: 1540px x 2130px
Baby Jumper 1540px x 2130px
Baby T-Shirt 1540px x 2130px
Kids Classic T-Shirt 1990px x 2800px
2500px x 1000px
1200px x 1200px
2000px x 2000px
2400px x 2400px
Luggage Tags
800px x 1350px
Magnets 650px x 650px
Round / Square Magnet
610px x 610px
Square Mini Magnet
470px x 470px
Square Canvas
2370px x 2370px
Portrait Canvas
2142px x 2929px
Landscape Canvas
3550px x 2370px
E-Money Card
1030px x 660px

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