Low Poly Knightmare Batman

Base on the photoshoot of Ben Affleck as Batman for the upcoming Batman v Superman Movie. Here he's wearing a suit like the one he wore in JSA: Liberty Files comic. Turned out the name of the suit is Knightmare.

Our T-Shirts are made with 100% cotton pre-shrunk, classic fit with seamless double needle collar. Taped neck and shoulders for durability. Available in Men's and Women's styles and sizes.

  • 100% cotton pre-shrunk
  • Classic fit
  • Seamless double needle collar, sleeve and bottom hem for extra comfort and durability

Size Chart Women T-Shirt
Women Tshirt Size
Width X Length
S 40.5cm X 58.5cm
M 43.0cm X 61.0cm
L 46.0cm X 63.0cm
XL 49.0cm X 66.0cm

Low Poly Knightmare Batman


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